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Portable Salt Cave Himalayan Nasal Inhaler
Portable Salt Cave Himalayan Nasal Inhaler
Portable Salt Cave Himalayan Nasal Inhaler
Portable Salt Cave Himalayan Nasal Inhaler

Portable Salt Cave Himalayan Nasal Inhaler

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Salt Therapy , or halotherapy, has been around for hundreds of years. In the old days (and actually up to the present day), people relaxed in large salt caves. This practice dates back to the 12th century in Poland, perhaps even earlier in India in the traditional medicine system known as Ayurveda.

Our distant ancestors discovered that salt air has many benefits for the respiratory system. Maybe you've noticed this yourself during a day at the beach. Today many spas have their own salt caves where people breathe in micro particles of salt in the air. 

On the other hand, the term ‘eucalyptus’ finds its origins in the Greek language where the ‘eu’ means ‘well’ and the ‘kaplyptos’ means ‘cover.’

The 19th century saw the adoption of eucalyptus essential oil in European hospitals where it was used as a disinfectant and antiseptic for surgical and medical tools.

It was even referred to as ‘catheter oil’ for a moment. Later on, it came to be known as the ‘cure-all.

Traditionally, Salt and Eucalyptus Therapy is thought to provide these benefits*:

  • Promote overall respiratory health
  • Reduce mucus buildup
  • Act as an anti-inflammatory
  • Improve breathing capacity
  • Act as an anti-bacterial agent


The wide scope of medical and industrial applications covered by the Himalayan salt and eucalyptus is a statement of it being truly ‘a remarkable health remedy'.






We’re all breathing in a rather astonishing amount of chemical pollutants, as well as smoke, dust, smog and pet dander. This puts our lungs under an extreme amount of stress. If you’re forced to spend time in any environment with smoke, pollution or smog, pet dander or dust, using a Himalayan salt inhaler may be your best bet for reducing their effects.


Shortness of breath, clogged sinuses, and tightness in the chest, difficulty breathing, and whooping coughs are all the signs of respiratory disease.

Even though there are a lot of over-the-counter medications for treating such ailments, organic remedies should be your first line of defense against respiratory illnesses.

Eucalyptus oil and Himalayan salt has found popularity in its effectiveness as a treatment for respiratory conditions such as asthma, colds, coughs bronchitis, and sinusitis. It has also been utilized historically for the treatment of the same.

For example, Its components such as tannins and eucalyptol are renowned for their anti-inflammatory, bronchodilating, and mucolytic properties.

These are the characteristics which allow eucalyptus oil to decrease the inflammation of the mucous membrane in the upper respiratory system so as to loosen the phlegm.

This is what alleviates the symptoms of common colds and coughs, sinusitis, asthma, among other respiratory issues.

Moreover, due to eucalyptus oil’s broncho- dilating properties, when you inhale its vapor, it opens up the breathing passages and sinuses thereby facilitating easier and deeper breathing.

What’s more, the antimicrobial properties of eucalyptus oil make it an effective aid in the treatment of sinus infections.

In fact, this essential oil has been known to help alleviate the symptoms of tuberculosis such as decreasing inflammation and clearing the lungs thus aiding in fighting off the infection.



A Himalayan salt inhaler improves the body’s natural ability to breathe deeply, resulting in a wide range of psychological benefits thanks to the relaxation and stress relieving effects. Many people take rapid, shallow breaths, especially when they’re stressed or upset. In fact, yoga guru Abhishek Sharma advises,”Breathing is the most important aspect of wellness. Most people breathe shallow, which affects their health. Learning to breathe deeply can greatly enhance your health.

Additionally, Eucalyptus oil, as a remedy, helps increase your alertness and mental clarity because it is a vasodilator. When you inhale the vapors of diffused eucalyptus oil, they get absorbed through your mucous membranes and into the blood.

If you breathe shallowly, the body doesn’t get the oxygen it needs to operate at full efficiency. Without enough oxygen, you might begin to feel dizzy, light-headed, sleepy, or experience many other negative effects that come with not breathing deeply enough. This results in a poor exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood, depriving the body of these vital substances. At this point, we may have difficulty focusing, experience panic attacks and/or insomnia as well as extreme fatigue or even lower back pain. As hyperventilating increases the heart rate, you may experience palpitations and increased feelings of anxiety.

Using the nasal inhaler helps to ensure better breathing, which offers multiple positive effects. It allows the body to become filled with oxygen; improving circulation and releasing those feel good endorphins which can provide a sense of peace and improved well-being. Spending just a few minutes making sure you’re breathing properly by breathing through the inhaler can instantly transform a bad mood into a good mood and ease feelings of depression or sadness. Plus, inhaling deeply followed by a deep exhale helps the body to rid itself of toxic carbon dioxide and replenishes it with oxygen, making you feel much better instantly too.

Improved breathing also leads to better functioning of many internal organs, including better digestive function as it calms emotions that can directly affect the digestive system. It helps tissues to regenerate and heal, as well as creating more energy for the body to allow it heal itself.


4. Aromatherapy Inhalers

Inhaling the vapors of essential oils are a way to get them into your lungs which quickly delivers the beneficial chemical compounds directly into your bloodstream. This makes it easy to keep those levels constantly high to fight infection, set your mood, and much more. Plus, it is easy to "put it where it hurts" - headache, sinus congestion, exhaustion, brain fog, allergies, earache...etc.

Aromatherapy inhalers enclose a concentrated amount of essential oil and are a portable and convenient way to use essential oils when a diffuser isn't convenient or appropriate. To use an aromatherapy inhaler, you simply unscrew the cap and raise the tip of the inhaler to your nose.


Aromatherapy inhalers can be transported in your purse, briefcase or backpack and are even small enough to fit in a pocket.

They allow you to use your chosen essential oils anywhere, and they can be used discreetly. Inhalers are handy for keeping particular blends handy and within reach. They're also great in the workplace or in other public settings when you may want to use an essential oil that could pose risk to those with particular health issues. You can also send them off with your kids since they are lightweight, inexpensive, unbreakable, and disposable...and you are not out a lot of $ if it doesn't come back home at some point!



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